Montana State Billings - Cheerleading
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MSU Billings Cheerleading Camps
Head Coach Sherlynn Stewart

Sherlynn Stewart was hired as the Yellowjackets co-ed Cheer Coach in September 2007. A native of Miles City, MT, Sherlynn, her husband Matt and daughter Lynda now live in Shepherd. Sherlynn started dance at age 3 and continues even today taking classes and learning new styles of dance.

“Dance is such a great expression of feelings through movement,” Sherlynn says. "My cheering background is so different than the styles of cheer today. Stunting was shoulder sits back then and that was about it. Cheering nowadays is a full athletic sport. It is not just standing on the sidelines chanting its advanced dances, tumbling, and stunting. I am truly amazed at what these kids can do with each other stunting. Stunting is all about trust, strength and attitude they become close like family truly working extra hard for everyone’s safety. I am truly proud to be their coach and look forward to continue building this program. I am AACCA and NCSSE certified for safety for our team. I love our camps each June and January its great to see kids from 5 years old and up working together with my team."

"My team believes in our school, supporting our strong basketball teams and being part of the community. The team enjoys the ability to be a positive role model for kids all over Montana."

Sherlynn also works full time for the March of Dimes covering Eastern Montana and will continue to do so while coaching the Cheer/Stunt Team.